Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The power of positive thinking

Is that it affects all the actions you then take. You can approach even the dullest task with more fervour and energy when you are in a great mood.

The interesting bit is the last word - mood. I'll go back here to my favourite thought, that emotions come first. Dan Goleman in his books on Emotional Intelligence suggests that how we feel affects how we think and therefore it is emotions that drive our actions.

I've had a great weekend and it's largely down to the idea above. On Sauturday I allowed my daughter to drive our actions with her emotions - we just had fun and I tried to make sure that I allowed as much freedom as possible with a day out at Horseworld.

On Sunday I spent the day working hard for the Wellbeing Network at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, raising awareness for both the Network and it's support of the Penny Brohn Cancer care charity here in Bristol.

All of this stuff made me feel good and that set me up well for the week.

Wonder how the rest of it will go?

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