Friday, 3 August 2007

The way we think - the way we do

Interestingly, life keeps agreeing with a philosophy I was introduced to about 9 years ago.

The idea that we are actually driven by emotions and that thoughts are therefore a secondary issue is one that I have championed loudly ever since I heard it - it makes sense to me that this is probably the case.

I feel hungry - so I think about eating
I feel angry - so I shout
I feel afraid - I look for shelter and comfort

You'll already see from my other posts here that I find feelings to be a useful marker for what's going on around me and often a sign as to why I am doing something.

At the moment I am thinking about money, about the future, about my business and in my job today, I have spent the morning researching the future of Organic trade in the UK

All driven by feelings.

I wonder what's driving you to take action while I'm typing this?

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Anonymous said...

Good post on Thinking Life.

karim - Positive thinking