Monday, 6 August 2007

End of an era

So that's it then, my pride and joy is actually going to a new home. This is indeed the end of a rather short but very enjoyable era but one I will remember with much happiness and one I'd like to re-acquaint myself with one day.
Whilst still "only a car" I am now given reason to consider the impact these things have on our lives and indeed how we shape who we are with our material possessions. I know for instance, that the instant kudos and leverage this vehicle 'bought' for our teenage son you probably couldn't purchase in any other way.
I'll be replacing her with another logo'd up Gee-mobile and it'll still be a bit mad but very shortly it'll be good-bye to the fire breathing white beast and on with the show.
I will be sad to see her go - and no mistake.

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