Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The trouble with friends is..

.. that you can't help feeling the very real pull of friendship even when things are not so rosy.
One of my own great friendships is in a rocky place at the moment and despite my own forgiveness and the love I genuinely feel for that person, I honestly couldn't tell anyone if the friendship will survive or even if it still really exists.
This particular sharing of thought, word and deed has existed for over 30 years and it is therefore no surprise that potentially losing it is really a painful experience - however, as is normally my wont, I am loking for lessons and things to share here.
The lesson for me is that all relationships take time, committment and dedication in equal measure from all parties, otherwise they can indeed falter. In this case for example I am, i feel at least as guilty as most of being human and expending far more energy on my main relationship than all the others combined and therefore I have risked this scenario.
This often happens in new relationships, where families and children are present and where the day to day grind of getting by seems to take all the time in the world.
We all have lots to do, and many drains on our time and energy, but a world with no friends is a lonely and frightening place to be - perhaps something to remember.

Note to self....

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