Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Feel great - invigorate!

See now, that's what I've been bumbling on about.

Today I had a wonderful drive in the country, enjoying the blue skies and the stereo.
I had two really good interviews with candidates that should be successful if I can just get the client to meet them.
I had a nice light lunch
I've had a productive and thought provoking afternoon with some great discussion
I may have solutions to a couple of my existing challenges

Is this all because the sun is out?

I think not.

Certainly the weather helps to lighten ones mood but what's really at play here is the emotions and the affect they have on our activity and our desire.

I say again, in order to achieve we must first of all think right and behave right - I wholeheartedly agree with Tony Robbins who amongst others champions the idea that our action feeds our emotion and our emotion colours our resulting decisions.

How was your day?

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