Monday, 30 July 2007

Blimey the suns out!

And on top of that, a few more positive things have occurred, in fact I might even go so far as saying today has so far been reasonably useful.

Not quite the same as 'This has been a GREAT day!' I suppose but useful nevertheless.

It occurs to me that even in my somewhat enlightened state of mind, I am still not quite able to pull off that buddhist trick of total peace, calm and tranquility and great joy just because i'm alive - every day.

I'm not suggesting we should all take up buddhism you understand, just that their ideal is somewhat difficult for most of the rest of the humans on the planet to master.

I wonder if we can leverage moments of peace and tranquility at will the rest of the time?

I can - can you?

Porthcurno Beach

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