Thursday, 26 July 2007

Raining again

Yes really, it is raining again - it really does seem unrelenting at the moment.

I saw on the news this morning that across the rest of Europe there are many places with the reverse problem, too much heat - forest fires all over the place.

Made me think once again that it all depends on ones perception of the current environment as to how your mood goes and how your emotions come into play.

What am I on about? Well here at the moment a lot of us are thinking wouldn't it be nice to jet off to the sun of Spain and bask there in the suns golden rays, blue skies, light breeze, cool drink etc. and yet in Spain and Greece, they are well and truly fed up of the stupid sunshine and are praying for rain - they would be exstatic if they suddenly had our downpour.

Yet another point that can be used to work on life's dull moments - we can choose to be miserable or choose to find fortune in any situaton.

Could always be worse....

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