Monday, 3 September 2007

Does it pay to think?

In short - no.
But can you turn thoughts into income or revenue? Well the answer to that would be yes - it happens all over the world every minute of every day. So ok, what's the secret to turning a thought into money in the bank?
First of all, it might pay you to give a lot of consideration to what you're thinking about. If 'living thoughts' and my own oft used process of dreamboards are indeed any part of reality then we do indeed need to be careful what we're thinking about.
Secondly, if the first thought follows through, then it's also safe to assume that just thinking about something may not necessarily bring about fame and fortune - the magic ingredient is ACTION.

Ok so how do we get from thinking the right thoughts to taking the right action?

Well that, dear reader is the crux of the matter, because it is very often the case that as human beings we choose to be exceptionally busy - either on the wrong actions or doing those things that come easier to us - "I'll get around to it later" is a phrase we may all be familiar with.

What I'm suggesting isn't new - in fact I am merely adding my own opinion on this point to those of such luminaries as Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Susan Jeffers, Robert Kiyosaki and David Schwarz - the suggestion being that the Actions we need to take, we may never accomplish if all we look at is the how, the why or the wherefore - these are barriers to action.

Far better to split the action up into little steps that we can easily take, that we can accomplish, that we can reward ourselves for achieving, on our way to the overall goal.

So, does it pay to think? No, but it does pay to plan and to do and that is why I'm writing these blogs and articles - they are positive action towards my goals.

What are you thinking about and who will pay you to just do that?

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